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02/04/15 - Update From The Founders

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So I've been reading these posts about Alpha invites and the back and forth of Kickstarter packages with access or targeted invites.  So, I'll just post my take on things after reading these comments.  Kickstarter packages with alpha access is definitely a selling point for some larger priced packages.  That would benefit greatly to reach crowdfunding goals.  There is a negative in that concept, if you make that the only way to get invites then you may not have the most beneficial pool of players to gather information from.  However, that's a random assumption which is probably correct but inviting random people "could" have the same problems.  I agree when your looking for the best possible information then target invites to bring in people you feel will benefit greatly in the developing process.  Down fall is you would lose a large marketing point for Kickstarter packages.  Will this deter people from pledging?  Maybe, maybe not!  I think if the game is solid and the goals with an outlined process that is transparent will overcome any kind of "reservations" people may get from not being apart of the planing process.  


Keep in mind that the development team really only wants a set number of testers.  It's easier to manage and can obtain quality feedback in small focused testing.  My personal opinion is doing both is best.  You can bring in people the team feels will benefit greatly from the feedback provided and also selling a limited number of invites as top tier kickstarter packages.  If people love the game and the vision they will support however they can through crowdfunding so not adding alpha packages is not really a deal breaker.  However, you may be able to add a limited number to top tier packages and there would be nothing wrong with that.


Final thoughts:


If the vision is solid, the players will follow.  Delivering this vision is key.

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02/04/15 - Update from the Founders    First, I hope that you guys caught that we put our full team names/pictures/mini-bios on our site earlier this week.  We’re very grateful that we’ve been able

Pretty sure this was previously answered, but we are *NOT* f2p.  It's not the right model for this experience in our view.  More details on the Crowfall business model will come out before the countdo

Shutup and take my money!

I'm a big believer in Crowed Funding as a viable alternative to investment or publishing deals, as it clearly shifts the focus of the developers to the consumer rather then a 3rd party.


However make no mistake, I'm not in the business of throwing my money away.  I only put money behind things that actually have a chance at success and do something worth my while.  This qualifies.  If it means keeping this game out of the hands of publishers, then I am happy to throw whatever little money I have at it.


With any given luck if this game succeeds in doing what it sets out to do, and does it via crowd funding, then hopefully more MMO's will follow suit and this industry can get away from selling their souls and creating yet more derivative drivel.

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Delivery is the key indeed, pretty sure we will find alot of us will be a bit impatient, some being invested in other kickstarters only to get feed discussions of what the game will be and taking forever to release. Or just games that are FOREVER in development like a certain zombie survival and Space game. But i cant help but shake the feeling that this will not be the case for Crowfall.


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If the business model is sub based I think this is going to be my first crowdfunded game, and not for the "rewards". I don't mind to throw more money than the average in a project I really believe. All my hopes are for a "staying away from cash-shops/microtransactions" model.


Yes, one of the biggest fears I have is that they will go down the cash-shops/microtransactions path, that would be the end of this game as it has been for so many others.


That being said though I would definitely back a crowdfunding effort.

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Officer of The BlackHand Order

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  • We will license some of the overseas rights for Crowfall.  We're going to try and keep control of the English-speaking territories.


After actively following and waiting several years for Shadowbane, I was informed a few months before launch, that Ubisoft would manage the game in my region.....As a result I was IP blocked from playing on an NA server with my guild and friends with whom I had waited several years for the game.


In the end I never played Shadowbane and missed a great experience.



Please dont make the same thing happen with Crowfall.

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I think its fantastic that I am going to beta this game and have the opportunity to support it!


Personally I think instead of having donations, allow us to buy the game and include some plush with "deluxe" versions, i.e. stickers, badges, teddy bears!


Also I would happily pay monthly for a game I enjoy. :)

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-Truthe Yashikawa

The Lantern Watch - A Crowfall-first guild.  Welcome Home.


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Haha and definitely stay away from Turbine and Trion, they are MMO killers.  :P


Heck yeah, for sure.  Trion is one I remember vividly regarding Rift.  They had all kinds of cool PVP stuff planned for Rift and eventually it just all fell by the wayside.  So yeah, I agree.

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  • We will license some of the overseas rights for Crowfall.  We're going to try and keep control of the English-speaking territories.

Personally, I'm worried. I'm not really into apac "sever".


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I can see the problem, i hope you guys can manage to get this game running without doing either of

  • We will likely sell more equity (ownership in our company) in the future,
  • We will license some of the overseas rights for Crowfall.  We're going to try and keep control of the English-speaking territories.

this, i have witnessed such actions ruin some games, yet i also see the necessity of such action in your situations.


I believe that if you can get the game runnig, perhaps even the beta stage, it will start raining money for you. Until then, i hope you guys can pull it off. 

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As long as there is a pledge where I can play alpha, you got my money:)

I have no issue backing for early access. I've done that for other games that didn't sound anywhere near as cool as Crowfall.


I have no issue pledging money period. I think Crowfall finally got the vision right for something completely revolutionary in the mmo market.

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After the dissapointment of yesterday on Landmark/ EQN i was waved by some poeple to check out crowfall.

And i say .. it looks promising.


I am sceptical to what % you will deliver what you tell us.

But i really can see the PvP value in her.

PvE would only work, if you got something newer then dogs on leashes, for real.


As it seems, i spend 100$ on LM. With the hopes that it will come true. Last year.

So if you guys manage to show us promise and dedication. I might bleed again, to convert my blood to a founder package.


Hopefully in the end. Both games will sometime be realesed. In a state that theyr better or atleast better then the WoW clones, out there.


I am hyped for:

-physics battles (jes!)

-voxel terrain ( i love landmarks buildings ability)

-EK (I want to be a lord or king ... i would .. make a peacefull world. Where everyone needs to wear a certain nekomimi cosmetic headgear. Or pay heavy tax!! Vote for Greenfox!)

-PvP in general.

-Archetypes Customizations (I think what you shown is only the basic. Hopefully we will be able to modifie the playstyle of these alot.)

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Have region locked servers...no Russians or Chinese on American and Euro servers. Elimnates cheaters, hijackers, and gold sellers from those regions. I'm willing to help back the game on Kickstarter.

Jeah... but still these wont give up.


It's easy to come by such restriction. Specially if you are skilled in IT stuff.

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