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Damage numbers on Weapons

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Not sure if this has been mentioned (probably has but I couldn't find it) but could we add a decimal point and digit to the weapon part numbers? Since we scaled it down by a factor of 10 there is no visible difference between a weapon that got a 5.9 dmg vs a 5.0 dmg. 

For the most part, you can keep track of which is which but when I craft 10 hilts to have for the guilds weapons I need to be able to tell which one is best/worst. The current system does not allow me to see this. They are all 5 or 6. I imagine this becomes more of an issue later on.



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I still don't understand how the subcomponents are 5-5 and then the final combine is much higher. There's obviously some sort of calculation going on, but it's totally not intuitive.

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Last thread I see about that :

Edit : ... sorry I didn't see it was in "ACE partners ridiculous private part"...

But nothing is realy going out much that we need the decimal point.


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