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BDO news piece perfectly describes why I like BDO

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2 hours ago, bahamutkaiser said:

As for the relevance of the topic to Crowfall, the subject is how BDO features compare to Crowfall, read a bit maybe. 

theres nothing wrong with 1 discussion sparking another one, atleast in my opinion

but maybe the SJW´s and keyboard warriors think different? welp

2 hours ago, bahamutkaiser said:

when it is in fact objectively easier to exponentially multiply the number of available actions within comfortable grasps with chording. 

what are you basing that on? im curious really

2 hours ago, bahamutkaiser said:

bantering for 3 paragraphs doesn't counter the infallible truth

you are quite good at bantering for several paragraphs yourself, takes one to know one, eh?


1 hour ago, ClockworkOrange said:

BDO combat is amazing. The rest of the game is a complete pile of crap.

We all agree on this right?

it is not for an mmorpg, cant agree on that


19 hours ago, why_me said:

I think, you are to much focused on your "combo cobat" thing. Have you ever tried BDO? If not, then you should do it. BDO has the best combat system of all current MMOs out there. I am not talking about balancing and class desing (one char can do everything). Its the intuitive button layout (dont know how I should call it). If you want to charge to the front, shift+w will do it. Want to slash to the side, A/D+lmb or rmb, charge backwards to get out of there, shift+s.... 

BDO has a lot of flaws, like the class design, a stupid gear progression, to much afk content, etc. but its combat system and graphic are by far better than any other MMO out there.

yes i´ve tried BDO, didnt like it much (partly due to graphics, partly due to the combat system)

its a fine combat system, probably fun in a single player or 2 person game but it is not good in a mmo, there is just too much nonsense going on, it has no "rpg rhythm"

19 hours ago, why_me said:

I wouldnt count BDO as nonexisting, there are currently 25k players online in steam and several more that bought the game a year ago, that aren't tracked by steam.

with all the hype BDO generated, all the praise it had in the beginning and all the "potential" the game had it just fell flat, broke its nose and is a crippled now, it missed its chance bigtime

19 hours ago, why_me said:

To the games you mentioned:

Wildstar was and still is a good MMO and it's combat system is very close to that of crowfall. The only difference are the indicators of the skills. The problem wildstar had, was the graphics and the pay to play it had at the beginning. But it had a lot of good thing, like the humor of the whole game, the housing is great and the dungeons are one of the most challenging I have s

wildstar was fun (played it a little on release) but it became boring quite fast (i think i never made it to max level), wildstars graphics are good for a mmorpg imo, going for a realistic look does not work, characters just dont feel fluid

i heard wildstar´s PvE content was super hardcore in the beginning, they nerfed it several times but i guess having the best PvE content in the world is useless if you cant make it to max level

19 hours ago, why_me said:

Didnt play TERA, but P2W doesnt make a combat system worse, just saying.

it does not but, as i said, i dont respect games that are P2W and it is not successful(in the grand sheme) for similar reasons as BDO


19 hours ago, why_me said:

In my opinion the biggest issue that BDO and GW2s have are their "everyone can do everything class design".

i cant comment on if that is the biggest issue for those two mmo´s but its a flawed design for every game, let people do the wrong thing, let them make bad decisions, dont hold them by the hand


19 hours ago, why_me said:

CF has the ability to do this with the discipline system. If there is a CC in the spell, lower its total damage and remove the offensive stats on it, the harder the CC gets. 

cc should almost never deal any damage and should not reward you with several things in 1 spell (overloading a spell), think of polymorph in (world of) warcraft


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I really dont know how to discuss with you, all you say is "its new it cant work" and "its old its good".... and only because a game doesn't do well on the market every single aspect of it is bad. 

Even the worst game out there has something good.

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Don't waste your time, it doesn't matter if he acknowledges reality, he's just miring you in defiance.

You can spell it out in crayon and meet his irrational denials with explanation, and he'll still deny it because he's obstinate. Or you can just roll over his flimsy opposition and point out the logical fallacies. Irrational ppl don't need explanation. 

a52d4a0d-044f-44ff-8a10-ccc31bfa2d87.jpg          Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes... Than if they're upset, they'll be a mile away, and barefoot :P

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On 6/3/2017 at 4:52 PM, Holyvigil said:

BDO was fun and the whole point of MMOs is to have fun.

Agreed... BDO was the 2nd best game IMO I've ever played... and I've played every major MMO that's come out since Ultima Online. (which was my #1 game)


You Don't Stop Playing Games when You Get Old...

You Get Old When You Stop Playing Games!

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