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Cremillia a Crowfall Eternal Kingdom

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Cremillia a Crowfall Eternal Kingdom- Light RP, PvP

What we are- We are a small tight knit Eternal Kingdom focused guild specializing in the creation of Vessels through necromancy. However that does not mean we won’t have a presence in campaign worlds. In order to create top quality vessels we will be playing in the guild v guild rulesets and engaging in large scale PvP alongside allies.

Crowfall notes of distinction: We have members who have been playing since Hungerdome and we were the first Guild to create a Vessel in game when most people thought it wasn’t even possible!

What we are looking for: We are looking for players active in the testing now who are interested in harvesting, crafting (focusing on necromancy), and PvPers.

If you are interested and would like to know more you can pm me on the forums or through discord and by making a post in our application thread at our website


See you all in game!

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1 hour ago, Aullus said:

Crem invited me...will this still be the case, Yumx?

(Free centaur vessel for you...)

I won't say no to free stuff! 

                                                                               My Twitch - My Youtube - Apply to Caldera HERE!

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With the coming of 5.3 we've been able to get a bit more testing in! The website link posted is currently down for maintenance however feel free to pm me here, on Discord, or when I am online in Crowfall if this guild should interest you! 

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Cremillia has been very busy with 5.5 crafting vessels for many different parties in the Crowfall Pre-alpha test! This one was crafted on the live environment by our lead necromancer and helps showcase the power a new vessel can bring to your character!

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