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I will survive templar build!

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Running Standard Bearer + Blade master.  All around solid build that makes you really hard to execute without decent damage. For GvG and solo Troubadour is better but I feel the nerf bat is on its way to smashing troub down a peg or two. Good default build to run on newer players I feel. as it offers alot of survival. 


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Gloria Gaynor would be proud to see this Templar (lets see who gets the reference lol)


'There once was a time I was petrified......

Thinking I could never live without a Legio by my side

But I was wrong in all those times 

In feeling sorry for myself

Disc's made me strong

My Templar easily gets along..........


So now I'm back

Somebody new

Now I kick the crap out Duelist Rats

And goddamn 'Fessors too........


I'm glad I stuck hard to my sword

I'm glad of Standard Bearer too

If you pause for just one moment now I'll chop you right in two


I will survive !!!!!! '



Edited by Badwolfe


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