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Scumlord Studio - First Day in Crowfall Starter Guide. Basic Crafting. Please leave me some feedback! Anything you want to learn more about?


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Is there anything I missed that you want to know more about?? Let me know! I love your feedback

This was recorded live on my stream at  www.twitch.tv/ScumlordStudio so it has me answering questions and looking at chat. 



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What is the focus of this video? Is it something you made to help new players in the game? If so i think you could have talked about some stuff before actually playing the game. Like explaining to players that they should select some skill to train ASAP (A lot of players ignore this, they eventually start training but some really forget), a lil'bit of information on servers and where to play.

Now to some fedback:

The webcam video of you is taking too much space. Nothing major but there were some moments where it blocked some stuff. Like all the power you could use (K window) or apart of the crafting UI.

Oh, you showed skill training later. Just showed and talked a little but i guess it counts,

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