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PVP History in Motion Pictures


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One of the things I'd like to try in Crowfall is to see if I can find any collaborators to make movies with storylines to catalogue the most epic wars and battles.  This is not to have pre-determined outcomes or to roleplay the fighting.  The idea is to simply to have people capture with video footage the most prominent aspects of the fighting and then combine that with the political developments to make a storyboard that tells what happened in pictures and words.

I did these types of events on Lord of the Rings Monsterplay twice.  Basically, I would begin several weeks ahead of time by writing a storyline, with some help from others to hold select roleplay events that set the scene for a major battle.  Then the mass battle would be held on a come-one, come-all basis.  The movie would get made from that.  

Here is an example of what we did in 2009.  I published a serial tale with some roleplay events (like undead marching through a tavern).  The mass PVP event was on Halloween 2009.  No outcomes were predetermined - this was all out fighting and in this case evil beat good!


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Here is the teaser video for the second PVP event we held the next year called "Axes of the Dwarves."  It was basically an all-dwarf invasion of the Ettenmoors!


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We did some of the first of these RP events with your guild on Mourning in SB.( Redemption)

As a Temple of the cleansing Flame there was lots of Lore reasons to oppose eachother.

www.lotd.org       pking and siege pvp since 1995

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And here was the last video, which was Chapter 1 of Axes of the Dwarves.  Alas, my collaborator moved on to other things, so this was the last one we did.


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