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Cleric Info Thread - and my initial thoughts


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Hello all you other cleric mains! Looking forward to seeing what this class turns out to be, in the meantime I figured it wouldn't hurt to start up an info thread (similar to the one on FW forums) to track any info that we can glean/hear from ACE. 

First off, just bullets of what I interpret from the concept art and other sources.

  • AVAILABLE RACES: Human, Stoneborn, Half-Giant, Centaur, Guinecean 
  • WEAPONS: From the concept art and the class icon, it looks like Cleric's main weapons will be maces/hammers. I'm assuming that involves shields as well. The "half-giant cleric" concept art showed a 2H hammer in the background which makes me think there will most likely be an offensive healer of some sort similar to warrior priest in WAR.
  • It's interesting to note the base stat allocation:
    • 2 strength
    • 2 dexterity
    • 4 intellect 
    • 5 spirit
    • 4 constitution
      • I find this interesting because the lore depicts the cleric as a warrior by trade. I would have thought strength would be more prevalent. So perhaps we get some sort of holy magic infusing our weapon, or perhaps some other holy magic similar to like a shockadin on vanilla WoW.
  • It is said that most clerics are warriors by trade, making me assume cleric will be similar to the legio in that it will be a melee based healer of some sort, probably requiring active fighting to actually heal/support. 
  • There is also a part of the lore that details a cleric curing a boy with a festering and infected cut. I'm guessing cleric will have a sort of cleanse ability against poison and diseases maybe...which as it stands now have no counter iirc (diseases that is). This is interesting because if so, cleric will be the only class that would have a cleanse as part of their base kit.
  • In the lore, the middle paragraph is about the guinecean priest and distinctly points out that his voice carries over all. I'd guess that clerics will have some shouts as I'm not sure what songs they would get since bard/troub are already a thing. 


Again this is all speculation, but I think it's probably pretty close to what we will end up seeing. In the livestream today Max said we might be seeing cleric news in about two weeks...but he wasn't 100% sure. What have you guys gleaned/drawn from the minimal cleric info we have so far?

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16 hours ago, Jjusticar said:

 What have you guys gleaned/drawn from the minimal cleric info we have so far?

from other thread:

On 05/06/2017 at 4:43 PM, Tinnis said:

cleric has access to master of hammers, maces and shields

they also mentioned on livestream they will have 'holy auras' e.g. toggle powers similar to the bard songs

they will also be the first class that comes with more powers than they can slot in.

they won't require any new tech done after the the disc drop

they are designed and may well even arrive before the assassin does

won't be a copy paste of legio powers

unknown resource system

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iirc correctly cleric is almost guaranteed to release before assassin. Though I'm hoping its a similar release to knight rework/templar where they dropped pretty close to eachother

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In D&D, one of my favorite and recurring characters is a Dwarf fighter who seeks (and almost always gets--thanks DM!) a Dwarven Thrower.  After today's announcement/information regarding Clerics and their hammering ways, I am far more interested than I thought I would be in the class.  Of course, I would have to hybrid it (hybrid healers are one of my favorite video game RPG characters) because I am not a fan of straight healers.

ACE, IMO, has done a good job of creating several race/classes that are interesting--I guess in the end mechanics will make the difference.  Now, I just got to get my hands on him...  

The Artist Formerly Known as Regulus

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After playing a Legio healer in recent weeks to better get used to the full time healing mechanics in this game before Cleric comes out, I now find myself stuck with a terrible decision to make.

Do I go hamster or human? Human gets the extra power and passive slots which after playing Legio that 1 extra of each can add in any number of possibilities of combinations either adding healing or extra dps to help in fights, HOWEVER after playing Legio I am not haunted by the chicken ticker. I spend an incredible amount of time gathering food just to be able to play and am typically food starved after every good fight meaning I have to farm more food. With this in mind I am incredibly tempted to play hamster cleric and just stick my finger up at the chicken ticker.


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