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[TRIBE] - SoulTribe is recruiting! [EU]


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We are SoulTribe!


SoulTribe is a new Guild, formed trough Shadiz' streaming community. 

Our core consists of veteran MMO fanatics, who came together to build a platform that will last for years, with Crowfall as its "pioneer" MMO. 

Our biggest emphasis when playing is the community. We believe that the core element of every MMO we have played for a long time has been the awesome people we've met there!

If you are looking for a Guild with this mindset, crave to be part of a team that is building itself up from the ground and experience the adventures and challenges that come with it 

- Join us!


What kind of players are we looking for?

We are currently only recruiting people who have access to the pre-alpha tests. If you do not have access to the game yet, but feel like you want to get to know us better. Feel free to join our community Discord server!


People who mainly want to focus on the PvP aspect of the game. You will be our muscle in campaigns, the protection our harvesters and crafters need in order to do their job. You are the main force!


You want to be the provider! You love venturing out in the open dangers to gather those valuable resources, which our crafters will need to provide armor, weapons, siegeweapons, buildings, keeps and so forth. Enabling us to participate into commerce & trade! You are the blood that flows with nutrients!


You love to hone your craft! Become one of the big cornerstones of the Guild, that will help us attain succes in campaigns & indirectly influence the flow of battle, by providing the finest armor and tools of war to slay our enemies! You are the hands that work our anvils!


You have a knack for tactical & high-fantasy warfare! You want to be our eyes and ears on the battlefield looking for new opportunities to lay siege to our enemies, scoping the terrain for the main force & make navigation a breeze! 


As far as rules go, we like to keep it simple but logical!

These are our core pilars of behaviour:

  • Be exellent to eachother: Having a big group of people playing games together, mixes and matches alot of different personalities! Have respect for your fellow guild- & community members no matter their origin or views!
  • English is the guild language! When attending voicechat and textchat keep in mind that not everyone knows your language! An appropriate understanding of the english language is required!
  • While engaging in organised guild activities and battles, voice chat is mandatory! The ability to listen to commands during fights is a must, having speech highly recommended!
  • Have the mindset of a young adult! Age 18 and above is our general guideline, altough exceptions can be made by showing us your best side!
  • Carry our name with pride not arrogance! Simply put, be a good sport. Be competitive, but do not mindlessly grief. Our reputation is a very important part of the community aspect. Anyone who disrespects that will simply be removed.


Connect with us below!


PM Shadiz,N0ra,Rietz or Orosili in our Discord if you are interested to join us!


Edited by Shadiz


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