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Short Story: Corvus Sanctus (2)


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i advise you to read the first part to get a glimpse of the story so far:


im still new at writing these, so have some mercy! have fun reading!





Corvus Sanctus


 He tries to keep up with the brown haired man who pushes through the crowds with determined speed

From time to time his guidance turns around as if he were to make sure he´s still being followed by his companion

The atmosphere of the city is overwhelming, fuss on his left, on his right and a confining volume is enveloping the streets


His guide slows down and he notices the street pointing to a big building which raises over the tents of the merchants

The property is surrounded by a wall, maybe twice the height of man which runs out into a big gate, crowned with a  round arch on which a big, black metallic crow rests


The gates are opened and guards are standing next to each wing, sticking their halberds to the sky. They are standing upright, the polished armor reflecting sunlight over the round forecourt with every movement of the guardsmen

 A small stream of people is leaving and entering the Property, maybe merchants? He was not sure as they were not carrying any goods with them

The bearded man signals to follow him inside


As they enter the inner courtyard the noise of the streets abruptly stops, he feels weight and strain leaving him

"It feels good to leave the liveliness of the streets behind, does it not?" the bearded man says

He can only reply with a nod as he turns around to inspect the estate, the pale paved road from the city blends into dark stone plates which continue towards the main building in a straight line

There are pathways of gravel leading off the main walk, aiming at smaller buildings and secondary entrances to the main building, trimmed lawn and upkeep boxwood cover the whole yard


his guide leads him to one of the smaller doors and opens it up, it is not locked

rays of sun fall into the door hole, as he enters the building he can feel a pleasant breeze coming up the hallway


it is dim inside with only a few lonely candles spending some light

he looks down the hallway, many doors to the left and right but his guide seems to have reached his destination


“now friend, i´ll accompany you no further than this, the next step is yours to make.” he points at the door infront of them “inside you will find an accountant of ours, he will take care of everything”

the bearded man turns around and leaves him alone before he can say another word, the small wooden side entry falls with a loud noise into its hinges


he hesitates for a moment, but then grabs the handle and opens up, stepping inside...


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