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Guide to Druids?


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Now that I'm back to testing Crowfall I chose to start with the Druid but I was focused on looking into crafting and harvesting until now. And on my first look at the skill set and dual trays I figured I'd try out some of the moves and see what they all looked like. To my surprise I started taking damage in my non-PVP EK and looked to see what could be doing this. Essence burn is a thing, but I didn't know anything about that yet so I figured I better heal myself before I die from this essence burn, which as I'm sure you all know only amplified the problem and I was dead before I could figure out what exactly was going on. No big deal except I had just unloaded a pile of stuff from my spirit bank and I was killing time testing out moves while the cooldowns to use the stuff were up. Again, no big deal if I had known I could rez at the temple instead of choosing a new avatar/vessel. Ok, one lesson learned but now I've been looking in this forum and in the media for anything that explains the Druid mechanic and haven't found anything, so I figure a starters guide to the Druid and it's mechanics is needed.

Anyone who feels like they've got druids down and would like to share some of their wisdom is welcome to please add it here but I'd first like someone to please explain the essence burn deal. I had my essence up to about half the bar and I died in seconds from the burn, is this normal? I thought you needed to build up essence to use more powerful damaging moves... Please educate me.


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Watch ACE's short video tutorial on the Druid

Take a read of the DRUID POWERS & UI news article

My summary of essence:


Essence burn

Life powers generate 'Essence' resource.

Death powers need 'Essence' resource to be cast. Essence can also be generated with Death's #6 Sacrifice in exchange for health.

If the Druid ever has more than 80% Essence in her resource pool, she ignites and takes damage.

We call this “Essence Burn”. Essence Burn damage cannot be mitigated against. While active, it also renders her unhealable from all sources.

You will get a floating message above your head and a debuff icon in your status area when essence burn starts

You must expend essence by switching to the Death tray [or using your 'C' power on the life tray]

Essence UI. You can see the 80% mark as a line. The globe will also change colour and shape when you start to burn





Some other misc info:

When a Druid dies she creates a Death Orb on her Corpse.
It will damage an enemy that walks over it and then disappear, or fade after an unknown duration if not hit.
Death Orb Damage scales with amount of Essence Druid has on death.
The druid's retaliate does no damage. Instead it heals the Druid as well as breaking crowd control as normal.

If you want to see some Druid gameplay I have loads of Druid videos on my youtube archive playlist from both recently and older parts of testing


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Thanks guys! Very helpful. Don't know why I couldn't find these searching here on the site or in the wiki sites.

Video says 80% but I coulda swore I was taking damage around 60%

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