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Crow Control Productions [CCP]

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Crow Control Productions [CCP]

Our History
Crow Control Productions (CCP) was born from the ashes of EvE Online in June 2017.  Made up of some of the most elite players that EvE has to offer, CCP intends to fight for balance throughout the worlds of Crowfall.

No one does metagaming better than EVE players. And that's where we specialize.

What we do

Faction:  Balance (We're here to BALANCE the game out just as CCP BALANCED EVE. We'll probably be just as good at it as well.)

While SUGOIs "Disciplinary Committee" may be the top 1%. We aren't happy just being the measly top 1%. It's been said by TOP GAMING COMMUNITY MEMBERS here, that " What we have here is literally the top 1% of the top 1%..."

The top 1% OF THE 1%. 

All of this in a game that actually takes more skill than most people will ever posses. We look forward to showing you how to harvest at our rate of 260 MILLION.


We're here to be mercenaries, we'll fight for whomever as long as the pay is good and the tears are flowing. We play for fun and to win. If you're going to do something do it right... and do it at a try-hard level. 


Impress us? We're not really recruiting randomly. If you can't handle scamming, backstabbing, lying, cheating, & being an unpleasant person to strangers for the pure sake of tears... then you won't like us. 

We're not here to ruin the game, we're just here to ruin your game.



  • @jezza has been known to watch Anime like it's an Olympic sport
  • @Torrent_Rage once got an A+ on an assignment in the 5th grade
  • @Eonan farmed SOJs(Stone of Jordans) in Diablo 2 using a PindleBot
  • @Doomchinchilla has a bigger ego than any person would conceive is possible.
  • @Jassmin_Joy secretly likes anime, even though he claims, "Death to weebs" (Not really an accomplishment but worth mentioning)
  • We have members that have gotten their "Chicken Dinner" in PubG on multiple occasions. (we don't share our chicken dinners, so don't ask)
  • We possess multiple Drakes to bring on any occasion that we see fit. PS, can I bring my drake?
  • Knowing exactly when to tell you that the system that's being jumped into is effected by tidi.
  • World's first Mythic dungeozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz oh yeah *insert some needless WoW achievement*
  • @Yaolan is known as the famous Vegemite Vigilante.
  • We have some members that once played Ultima Online... and think their skills are still relevant and worth mentioning... so here, I mentioned it.
  • Age of Conan: First PvP Keep on Cimmeria server - Hand of Set
  • Age of Conan: PvP Keep held until our official resignation from the game. - Hand of Set
  • Age of Conan: First guild city on Cimmeria Server - Hand of Set
  • Warhammer Online: First successful Order city raid (Volkmar server) - Legend
  • Warhammer Online: Server firsts on all release raid content (Volkmar Server) - Legend
  • Warhammer Online: First guild, on server, to level to release max (Volkmar Server) - Legend
  • SWTOR: Over 30 server first boss kills in raiding on Jung Ma server - Jen’jidai
  • SWTOR: First server wide Role-play event in Jung Ma server - Jen’jidai
  • SWTOR: First guild to be featured in the official Bioware guild spotlight - Jen’jidai
  • TESO:. Vokundein was one of the most respected PVP guilds in TESO. Naming 3 different emperors in the most competitive campaigns.
  • TESO: Dragon Star Arena - World 2nd, NA 1st clear time on PTS.  Special Invitation to exclusive DEV Q/A Panel.
  • We once scammed someone in Runescape (we're BAMFs)
  • World First attempted to login to darkfall but the queue was too long
  • Would have had World First Nax kill had we attempted it or even been playing WoW at the time
  • Would have had World First *INSERT SOMETHING GOOD AT DARKFALL HERE* but the game was pretty bad so we didn't play it.

Our Leader is an inspiration....




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