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Tone....Respect and Logic when dealing with the Dev's

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No I understand you, I just don't agree with you. I more or less agree with Viking on this topic. While we cannot be treated or expected to organize as professional testers for many reasons (most of them just practicalities), technically speaking the environment ACE has provided is closer to a typical dev test environment than it is a game. Thus based on that and the many caveats and warnings provided by ACE, I expect it to be treated as such. While they might not expect nor are they entitled to any sort of professionalism from us, I can assure you it would be far more useful to them if we were versus if we were not. Since we really aren't organized at all, most of what we catch is going to be random based on how obvious a problem is when it's shoved in front of a hundred something eyes instead of twenty, so basically stress testing/sanity check level stuff. Still useful to them, but only in a sort of brute force way. 

The problem I think Viking and I are having is that your trying to argue that 'being a hooligan' is somehow justified, when we can't understand how it ever is useful. If no one wanted to listen to someone when they're polite, changing to being a jerk is probably not going to suddenly make them interested in what their saying. 

Anyways, we don't have a playable 'game' yet, and it's not going to suddenly become a playable game because anyone demands they 'fix all the things that make it not a playable game (aka finish the game)', so really I don't know what is being argued for at this point. Either it is what it is for now or they close it down til it's something more like a final beta. I don't know what anyone thinks could be different at this point. From all my experience this is what pre-alphas are, it matches my professional expectations and historical comparisons, but apparently doesn't entirely match yours. I don't know what else to tell you.

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I have noticed that there is a real belligerent tone being used by some testers when speaking directly to the Dev's about their design choices. I think you can get your point across without being

^ Irony is real my friends.

If they were able to put up all their own money, none of us would be here because they wouldn't have even announced it yet. If you don't understand the kickstarter concept that's fine but what yo

3 hours ago, mythx said:

@Duffy The game is playable, but the game content is very limited at the moment.  

My terminology may be confusing. I'm saying that's it's not really a game yet as there is no viable game-play loop, it's just some partial systems and tiny bit of content for that eventual loop. Alternately it could be called a lack of content. 

I would classify content as a part of that base game-play loop, but that may just be me compartmentalizing things. The loop is the systems and the content that you use the systems on, but that's just debating semantics which is ultimately neither here nor there. Summarily, there is very little to do and find engaging in the medium to long term for the majority of players right now. That is not going to change because of anyone's complaints, things will move along at their own pace.

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