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Welcome to the mighty legion of Caesar!

As Brutus, the right hand of Caesar, i call you brave warriors to join us in our fight. We will fight until every inch of the world is soaked wet with the blood of our enemies! And believe me brothers, victory will be ours.

Are you looking for a guild that will dominate the world? Do you want to bathe in the tears of your enemies? Do you want to be part of an honourable cause? Do you want to serve the mighty Caesar and spread its legacy to the ends of the world? Do you want to fight side by side with your brothers?
Do you want to win?

If your answer is yes, You are welcome in our guild. You can do anything you want as long as you don't betray us. You are also expected to help your brothers from the guild, and join guild fights. As said earlier, betrayal is the only thing that is unacceptable.

Those who inform us here of their desire to join in our legion, shall have the glory to fight on the very front lines when the time comes.

Ave Caesar!

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