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The Crowfall Chronicles - Part 4 Of ?


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The Crowfall Chronicles - Part 4 of ?


Trep tripped yet again and went sprawling, his gangly limbs falling like a pile of sticks.  He let himself rest a moment, chin perched on a tree root and eyes flitting around the dense undergrowth before him.  There were faint trails in the forest that bypassed the snares of bushes and dead tree limbs but Trep refused to use them as they curved to and fro, following the path of least resistance. When Trep went anywhere he picked a direction and went straight – shifting his rigid path for necessary right angle turns and the occasional diagonal - but mostly he strode in a straight line from point a to point b.  As a result he wound up crashing through bushes, tripping and falling, ceaselessly clambering over boulders in his way and generally making more noise than a swarm of the Hungry.

This mode of walking usually resulted in much preplanning when moving outside the castle grounds or when entering unexplored parts of the Nest itself.  Just yesterday he had been nearly stuck in a narrowing corridor in the Eastern Blue Wing that suddenly dead ended, leaving him room to make a right turn but barely able to make the requisite step before he could make another right turn and march out.  

He was in the old Wing because of the Creature.  Which is why he had run like the wind out to find his master out in the woods and tell him of the actions of the Wicked One.  The Creature was there in the castle– she was there and she was doing things to the Nest.  Strange things and he kept finding small trails of sawdust and walls seemingly shifted, sudden dead ends (the Eastern Blue Wing!) that used to go through and yesterday he went into the spare larder to find half the contents gone and a “gift” left in return.

Trep knew she was tricky.  He knew she was trying to win him over, with her little jar of joint salve left on a chair in the Main Hall and the warm, soft hat he found hanging on the hook of his room behind the kitchen ovens.  He wasn’t falling for it, though he was wearing the hat at the moment. And the salve did indeed sooth the ache in his left knee.  But he had a master already and he only went in straight lines.  The true path, the way of his life, stretched before him, unwavering.  He was the Page of Olbuf the Warrior, Master of the Nest. There were no turns allowed, not even the slightest of diagonals. His eyes filled with tears as he thought of what could have been, had he acted with just a bit of decisiveness, just a hint of strength.


He sighed and slowly pushed himself up on his feet, his long arms and legs trembling from the effort.  He had to get back to the Nest.  Trep was not a strong man, and in a world that would soon be overcome by the rigors of Winter, weak men out in the woods alone died.





The King was peeved.  Not quite angry but certainly not happy, he paced back and forth in front of his throne like a caged ferrolios, snarling slightly.  “And this planet, they’ve not sent any resources, any tithes, any taxes for how long?”

“For two Hunger cycles my lord” peeped the head chancellor Mirl, his robes flapping slightly as he peered at the planetary account book held in his trembling hands.  “Granted they have been short cycles and they did have that Conflagration 3 cycles ago but surely something should have been sent at the end of the last cycle”.

“Who do we have on planet that can investigate this?  We need to know why they’re not giving their due – or if they are and it’s being stolen.”  The King frowned and settled back onto his throne.

“My lord we have General Olbuf, Master of the Nest.  He served under your father in the Worslted Wars.”  The chancellor lowered his voice, “Other than that we have Garbleth – he’s still tucked into the south undercover. “


“If I may be so bold” wheezed a voice from the side of the hall, “If I may be allowed to interrupt, to forestall, to venture additional info, to be completely truthful…”  An ancient, doddering old woman teetered out from behind a column, avoiding narrowly a small table of sweets and nearly falling onto the reluctant but supportive arm of Chancellor Mirl.  Her bright eyes looked inquisitively at The King.


“Ah.  Grand Inquisitor Bepps.  Always a pleasure to see you up and about.  Certainly, please do give us your opinion on the situation.”  The King’s pleasant words were belied by his facial expression, which was a combination of concern and disgust.

“Well it seems to me that near the end of the Cycle before last there was a… err.. where did I put it… a proclamation of Independence from The King and Kingdom.”  Bepps patted her dusty robes then triumphantly pulled out a stained document and waved it about.
“I don’t think anyone on that planet thinks they owe anything to you anymore.”



The Crowfall Chronicles - Part 5 of ?  http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/1894-the-crowfall-chronicles-part-5-of/

Edited by oridi


The Chronicles of Crowfall           The Free Lands of Azure            RIP Doc Gonzo.

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