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Blackwater Trading Company


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Blackwater Trading Company

"Buying and Selling Premium Goods from Whenever to Forever"



 The Blackwater Trading Company aims to create a positive experience for anyone who wishes to join us in our quest to distribute quality goods for bargain prices. Nobody gets stuck with a task they don't enjoy, and nobody is more important than their peers.



Blackwater prides themselves on their quality goods (be it armor, weapons, tools, resources, etc.) and their reasonable prices. We promise to never scam players, and almost no information is off the table. We also remain neutral in all alliance and guild matters. Business is business, we barter with anyone who is willing. On top of that, we offer a Partnership Service with guilds. This allows Guilds to hire us for constant discount supplies in bulk in exchange for a negotiable agreement. If any players attempt to rob us or any of our Caravans, them and any guild they belong to are on our blacklist, and removal from this list may also be negotiated. 



We will bring our services beyond the Eternal Kingdoms into the campaign worlds using our Caravans. They will work as a tighter groups to travel to campaign worlds and distribute our services directly in a given campaign.


Roles and Jobs

Blackwater offers a variety of different roles for players to fill.

Gatherers: Tasked with collecting loads of materials for our crafters to work with, they are the building blocks of our company.

Crafters: Whether they're Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers, or other, they'll be hard at work to make a variety of high quality Blackwater Goods.

Builders: A good company needs a great base. Builders will be constructing the Eternal Kingdoms that all our members will be working in. This includes things like the Marketplaces, Residentials, Meeting Halls, and Bases for our members and visitors alike. 

Traders: Traders will be representatives of Blackwater who will be talking to guilds and conveying orders from partnered guilds to our crafters.

Field Jobs

Field Jobs are jobs for members who will be working hard to deliver our goods directly to players in campaign worlds. (jobs subject to change due to potential EK and Campaign item transferring)

Field Gatherers: Gatherers who choose to face the dangers of campaigns and collect materials for our subdivisions.

Field Crafters: Crafters who move into the field to craft our goods in the confines of our campaign bases.

Field Builders: Builders specializing in hardy forts for our Caravan to operate in safety.

Field Traders: Traders who will be dealing with all trades on the field.

Guards: Guards will be combat geared players who defend our camps in campaign worlds, making sure the bases are well defended against hostile enemies.

Bodyguards: Guards that specialize in accompanying Caravans out of the base and keeping the goods safe.


The Board

Once a week, Blackwater Trading Company will have a Board meeting with the founders and elected officials. Every week, each group will elect an official to represent them in the meeting. (ex. Crafters would select one crafter in the community to go to the meeting as Head Crafter for the week). They will be responsible for relaying any information to us that they feel need to be addressed, as well as relaying any information we put out back to their groups. Field Groups will select one official for the campaign they are in, rather than sending one Field Operative from each job. At the beginning of each month, we will have an open meeting that everyone who wants to join can come to, and we will discuss all things involving the company in a panel format.


Joining The Blackwater Trading Company

We don't ask any players to pledge their undying allegiance to us just yet. We are currently in early stages of planning, and would simply like to have a general idea of who would be interested. So please, leave any feedback or insight you have about our Company, and let us know if you'd be interested in joining. Thank you all!


We could use a few hands

As mentioned previously, we are in very early planning stages of the company. Everything you (hopefully) just read is all subject to change and is just a basic concept. We would love to have more people helping us in the early stages organize the intricate inner workings of the company. We probably don't know as much about the game as some people, and definitely not as much about organization and community planning as most. Anyone who wishes to help us in the early stages of planning, reach out, and we can get to talking. (Not trying to coerce anyone with this, but if you do help in the early stage you would be considered a founder of the company :))


Join Our Discord!




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