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Poison Stacking for Infect Trigger?


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In the article on the assassin powers and UI: https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/assassin-powers-ui/, we learned the assassin has the ability to passively apply one of three poisons at any given time (Nature, Disease, Poison). The article states, "The Assassin can only loadout one poison passive at any given time." I'm curious, though, if the assassin will still be able to apply different types of poisons from other sources in a manner that will interact with the Infect ability.

For instance, could you loadout Nature poison as your passive, apply Disease through the Curse Weapon ability and subsequently trigger the effects of both through Infect? I suspect the answer is "no" given the article states the Infect ability "has a direct interaction with the current poison applied on the target (whichever poison the Assassin has equipped as their passive)." Although, if the functionality did exist, I could assassin's building towards applying all three types of poisons for a massive Infect activation!

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