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The Long March 8 v 11 & Other Fights


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Winterblades had a series of a great fights with old friends and foes in UDL/Avari on Friday.  Much to the rejoicing of the guard detail, UDL/Avari continued to escalate their attacks on our farming group. 

The highlight of the night was The Long March with Winterblades fighting 8 vs 10+1 HoA/UDL.... The fight see saws from near victory at the outset to 30 minutes of constant fighting retreat (sped up in the video) to final victory after -W- picks up a 9th. 


This is the first engage of the night.... another scramble as the folks started logging as soon as I left to go offer a more organized fight.



One of the final fights of the night 10 v 10, right after an armistice so everyone could recover from the previous hour of continuous fighting. 



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Really great fights.  I like the commentary on the videos.  Helps for those of us waiting on Beta.

18 Minutes a bit long on the first one, might have been better to just make multiple videos.  Eyes glazed over a bit especially during the accelerated sections.

Also liked seeing that smaller forces can still prevail against larger.  Its never fun when numbers decide everything. 

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