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Crowfall Races and Classes Q&A Livestream Edit - Racial Abilities, Scouting + Cartography , Cleric Details


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So I did another Crowfall livestream edit since people seem to enjoy these more rapid fire versions of the livestreams. To be honest I didn't have to do a ton of editing to this stream because there was a ton of great NEW information. Everyone in the stream chat did a great job at getting them off topic and answering questions they weren't supposed to.

Good work everyone!

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8 hours ago, Groovin said:

All that scouting and cartography info was great. Really looking forward to it.

Yep! Everyone did a great job getting them off topic. The Q&A was supposed to strictly be about the race/class combination and we ended up getting a lot of great info on tons of new stuff!

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1 hour ago, mythx said:

@jtoddcoleman mention something important about the Wood-Elf race related to race abilities balance that they might only be stealthed in the forest environment. 

that is the idea, but they do lack the technology atm to put it in practice. It might be on their Agenda, but not as a priority. So maybe in the future in town parcels and the like woodelf will not be able to go into stealth based on race; I think, though, that depends on whether the stealth is perceived by the community later on as op or not.

Edited by Askari
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