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Skill for Increasing amount of Imports and Exports in the Spirit Bank

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The title says it all. I think there should be a skill for increasing the amount of items you can bring back and forth from your EK to a campaign. A lot of people seem iffy about this idea, but as long as you make the skill difficult to build into, and still find a good limit of total imports and exports, it should be fairly balanced. This can really help players who are trying to enjoy the economy side of the game, while experiencing little combat. It can also help people who are combat focused, since players who chose to be merchants can sell good weapons and armor quicker. (PS Sorry if this topic has already been discussed, I didn't do my research, the idea just popped into my head and I had to post before I forgot :P)

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15 minutes ago, elvo said:

well we dont even know how transfering stuff between EK´s and CW´s will look like so i would wait a little with this suggestion

Have to agree. The whole system isn't even set in stone yet.

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