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The First Campaign - Official discussion thread


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sounds great. (maps and balance faction mechanic sounds funky)


will there it be a single unified server, if so what location?

will there be actual trading functionality - or still chest/body only?

mounts or caravans?

how big will the world be in size compared to previous maps or number of cells/parcels etc?

can balance themselves capture land - or are only chaos and order able to do so?

will crafting recipes start to be locked to training etc / crafting stations only in towns etc?

rough ETA?

will we be able to see server and faction player populations (online and generally)

what will be the server player cap? will there be any hints or limits on faction numbers (which could be abused too)

how will chat be handled? e.g. server wide global/faction only or more local chat

will you be removing map co-ords?

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I think I'd rather the dragon statue be a capture point over the hold F mechanic. What's the cool down on capturing forts? Can Johnson run in and ninja it from under your nose only for you to turn around and take it right back?  I'd imagine there would have to be some kind of grace period to discourage rampant silly swaps of ownership back and forth.

Edit: cause I was writing gibberish on a tablet while taking a dump.

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