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17 hours ago, Colest said:

By failed to deliver I did indeed mean a poorly made socksty game came from it. I'm loath to link clickbait articles but none really illustrate the point as well as this article.

Really googling failed kickstarter video games gives you all the answers you could need.

According to my browser history, that's the exact term I did search for. I don't see the article you linked in the first two pages, but I see that I skipped over a couple of clickbait-looking articles because...what you said. lol.

Apparently Google treats us differently. :P Hence my asking. Reading link now.

Edit: so...eh. Two of the games on that list launched as promised - one was a flop and the other was actually a commercial success, just PewDiePie didn't like it. Two more of the games are still in development, which I get can seem like a problem, but is actually SOP and nothing to do with Kickstarter at all.

Of the remaining 11, I've never heard of 10 of them, and the one I have is a console. So while I guess I can agree that Kickstarter is a risky venture and investment and development aren't processes that the average gamer is familiar with, I don't agree that Crowfall is following the pattern that has caused those games to fail. In fact, if you follow along with the logic behind what got any of those 15 Kickstarters on that list, it becomes clear that Crowfall has no place on it.

Additionally, as has been pointed out before, if there were any reason for concern over the financials, the backers who are also shareholders would no doubt come forward. They aren't exactly shy with their criticisms, but they have enough faith in the development team to have backed AND invested in their project.

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle#Pre-alpha <--this is where we are. If your complaint is that the game don't not works good, come back later.

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