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Frostweaver Quote minor grammar mistake

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Greetings, just reporting a minor grammar mistake in one of Frostweaver's quotes, more specifically in the quote below: 

Seek a new master. Perhaps your wandering intellect would do better with the former. It is clear you have no the mind for the latter.


Edit: Sorry for posting this as a question, I am new to the game and the forums, messed up and can't find the option to delete this question.

Edited by HmeHx
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Final EDIT: Ignore all i said (except the welcome of course).

I suggest you post this in one of the feedback threads. Is this quote from a discipline? If so i think there is one thread for Discs feedback somewhere.

EDIT: If this is a discipline error i think it falls under the tooltip error so give a look at this thread and report it.

If you really cant delete this post, i will link @Pann and ask for a lock. EDIT: Pann if you are reading this i suggest giving the focused testing his own dot (?) in the mainpage. It is really hard to locate it since it kind of fuses with the pre-alpha 5 Gen. Discussion link. I knew it was there somewhere and even then it took me awhile to locate it.

BTW welcome to the community Aiz.

Edited by BarriaKarl
i was wrong
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