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TFW you have to switch weapons mid-combat in order to play your class


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Blair pls :lol: I did lose a staff doing this though, so don't try it at home kids! It was too graphic to show on YouTube so I had to cut that part... :ph34r: 

As always thanks go to the UDL and HoA members for banding together and giving us good fights; it's all in good faith and purely for fun!

Forgive this first clip being cut short, I'm still trying to get used to using the Replay function (it was only set to 15 minutes at the time)! After the clip was cut we continued to push into the Chaos temple and forced HoA to respawn at the other one, which slowly lead into the second part... I'm also pretty new to the whole gameplay editing and stuff, but I'm gonna work on making these videos more polished in the future!

Numbers? IDK we were outnumbered, count it yourself if the specifics matter. I will say though that Impossum had no weapon, but they took some fire for us and threw their fair share of punches. I can respect the cojones, they get to count as half a person :D

Also Eeliigaa kept butting in on the action - should definitely let Facerip do his thing next time!

Part 2/2 coming tomorrow!

Edited by Xarrayne

P.S. Grr Winterblades 🦌


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