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CrowfallUpdate.exe_locked can't proceed

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Pretty much in the topic.  I created the Crowfall directory in Program Files (x86), unzipped the downloaded file as Administrator to the Crowfall directory, right-click Run as Administrator.  It started and just hung, creating the CrowfallUpdate.exe_locked directory mentioned in the topic.  I can't delete it or rename it, I can't rename the Crowfall directory either.  What now??

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I restarted my PC and was able to rename the "Crowfall" directory to "Crowfall_old", then recreated another "Crowfall" directory and went through the process again.  After right-click Run as Administrator, the updater started running and hung again.  I noticed a quick message saying "canceled by user", which makes no sense.  My account is part of the Administrator group and I also selected "Run as Administrator".  

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In case anyone else has this issue, this is what solved the problem for me.

1.  Restart the computer

2.  You can now delete the "Crowfall" directory, even with the "CrowfallUpdate.exe_locked" file inside.

3.  Disable whatever Virus protection you have, for me it's Windows Defender.  I also have Malwarebytes Premium but that remained active w/o issues.

4. Recreate your "Crowfall" directory and unzip the downloaded file into that directory.  You will be prompted to grant "as administrator" during the unzip.

5. Right click "CrowfallUpdate.exe" and select properties, then Security.  Grant "Full Control" to everything listed.  This was obviously overkill but I was disgruntled.

6.  Right click "CrowfallUpdate.exe" again and select "Run as Administrator".  Everything should work properly, at least it did for me.

Note: You might only need to do step #3 instead of both #3 and #5 but I did them both.

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