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Spawns in Eternal Kingdoms?

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Not yet. Spawners will be a thing in the live game though. They will be a craftable item so the only way to obtain them is through campaigns or enough money (in-game money btw, dont think we will see them in the store).

If you are just looking for some Mobs to smash the only place in the whole game where you can find Mobs spawners is in Scorn.

EDIT: People asked for some Mobs to serve as punchbags targets in the EKs some time ago so we may see some spawners in the EKs before long.

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Thanks!  Sorry for the question, it's hard to soak all the info in for this game.  So basically, at this point you have your EK to farm wood, stone and ore, then each weekend there will be a campaign?  Should a person go into the campaign naked and start as you would when you first get your EK?  I have a sick feeling about my first campaign...no idea what to do.

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You can only get knotwood (basic wood), cobblestone (basic stone), and slag (basic ore) from your EK.  These can be used to do any basic crafting you need and can be used for pre-alpha test recipes.

From there, there are three types of recipes:

A) Recipes that require "premium" ore, wood, and stone.  These are usually things that are useful in EKs like deeds, parcels, etc.  But can also include random stuff like powdered stone (powdered cobblestone is sand and can't be used as powdered stone in recipes).

B- Recipes that will accept basic stone, wood, and ore, but get a good chunk of stats from the resource types you use.  Basic resources don't grant any stats.

C) Recipes that require leather.

As far as "when" campaigns are, the campaigns at launch will last several months and be up 24/7, and right now, campaigns tend to last a month or more, but the servers for them are currently only live on the weekend.  We will be getting a full-time "stable" campaign soon, where the servers are up 24/7 and patches are only incorporated from the weekend test servers when they've been vetted.

As far as how to start your campaign: you can hit the B key to bring up your spirit bank.  You can move things into your spirit bank and back out.  After moving an item to or from your spirit bank, it's locked for a couple minutes, and can't be used or moved again until it unlocks.  At the moment, with the BW2 campaigns, there's no downside to making some useful stuff in your EK in advance, and importing it from your spirit bank to save yourself some time.  However, beginning in the CW campaigns that will be starting in the next couple weeks, you'll have a limit of 10 item stacks in & 10 item stacks out from the campaign world.  In that case, you may want to hold off on things that can easily be made within the campaign & save your import slots for things that are genuinely useful to import, or if you don't have access to anything like that, you can export up to 10 item stacks into the bank for safe-keeping & get them back later over the life of the campaign, just as a useful move.  Using up export slots on this will prevent you from making a profit off the campaign, though.  If CW doesn't start this weekend, you could make yourself some nice gathering tools maybe or an advanced weapon made from premium materials, and put it in your spirit bank so you can import it when CW starts.

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