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Crowfall GitHub Repositories for Community Use


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A ton of work has been put into getting these ready for our own use, and as its a community fed project we felt it was time to let everyone know of the progress made so far.

Crowfall Icon GitHub Repository

We've begun work flushing out our API with data and images and just recently completed work on the images portion. The in-game icons are sorted by race, class, discipline and power categories. We've also taken the time to rename them to match up with the corresponding objects in-game.  As of this post, no images are missing from the repository and everything should be accurately paired up. You can view the icons at work here; https://test.crowfall.wiki

Oh, on a side note that I forgot... Onslaughter is largely to blame for this library being ready for everyone (I did next to nothing on this). He also made SVG versions of the entire library.

Note: @Pann You wanted to know if anything was missing, nothing is!

Crowfall Data GitHub Repository

Contains JSON formatted data for all powers, disciplines, races and classes. It is "mostly" up-to-date, and will be well maintained as we get certain functionality added to the crowfall.wiki website (and the malekai.network api) that will allow anyone to flag data for being incorrect/needing updating. This repository will eventually contain all tradeskill and recipe data, however, it is not yet ready for primetime.

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