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Which pre order do I need to play tomorrow? (7/7/17)

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I am little confused on which package will get me into the current alpha testing phase starting 7/7. The cheapest package that provides "early access" (just wanna scope the game out) is $70 which says it gives you " Beta Group 1 - Beta Group 1 Access Entitlement"

Which in my opinion is a little bit confusing considering it says " Currently Test Phase:   Pre-Alpha 5 — join with any “Early Access” package!"

If I buy the 70 dollar founder pack will I get to play on 7/7 or is it baiting me into buying a package that provides access at a later phase even though it clearly states "This is the minimum package to get you into our current early access testing." 

Just want to be sure before I chuck 70 bones at them to play this weekend ;) Thanks in advance

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$69 package gives access to current testing - Campaign servers are usually available on weekends, Eternal Kingdoms are usually 24/7.  This is still pre-alpha testing so if you do buy be prepared for bugs, incomplete features, and un-optimized server performance.  Email support@crowfall.com if you have any questions about your account or need technical assistance.


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On 7/7/2017 at 3:29 PM, Fishslayer707 said:

I have 0 interest in your Eternal Kingdoms to be honest. So no better ETA on the Campaigns? I'll just wait till they are announced. Thanks


EKs are going to be important for everyone, though.  You probably know this, but it's the place where you have your permanent home, storage area, etc., and where you hang out when not in campaigns.  It will also be where you visit for your buying/selling/trading needs, if I'm not mistaken, to gear up for campaigns.

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