Community Event - Capture the Flag, July 9th, 2017

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In lieu of testing the campaign world with win conditions, let’s do some capture the flag contests.

Where: Corruption Server, Unofficial Crowfall Discord
When: Noon PST, Sunday July 9th, 2017
How: Split into equal teams. A few alt accounts with flags in inventory, capture of the flag wins the match.

If this gets old, we can switch to 5v5s or Free for All.

You don’t need any particular gear or experience, just give me a shout ahead of time if you only have a basic weapon and I’ll try to furnish you with an advanced one. Basic armor is fine. Discord would be helpful.


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We have no way to easily verify that a flag was brought back to base without slowing down the gameplay, so it's going to be first one to cap it. 

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It looks like we'll have a decent turnout for this. 

We've changed the rules a bit to make it better. 

New Event, same time and location:

Capture the Hostage (Srathor)

Tagging the Srathor makes him follow you and swap to your group
Objective is to get him back to your keep
The hostage will join your group if you want him to
Killing the hostage means Srathor wins and the team that kills him loses at life

We'll start off balanced, but can then give him bard and then druid abilities, which will empower the team with the hostage. 

You don't need any experience or gear, but give me a shout in game if you don't have an advanced weapon and I'll get you one. 

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What I ended up doing as the flag was fairly simple.

Move towards the leash holder if able.

RP walk when possible (the Q key). (It was great frustrating the hell out of the "leader", sleeper was funny as hell on discord.

If the Leash holder gets killed drop group and wait for invite. If Invite person is not within melee range decline the invite and wait for the next one. 

Heal group, and damage enemies if possible, but heal self first. 

I was in all basic gear and weapon with Bard and Niad major discs and the Staff weapon disc. 

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