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Crowfall is looking good!

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So I remember participating in my first testing group and many things didn't even have textures yet, in a way this was exciting and cool! Playing a game that had not even decided on what it's rocks will look like.
As the tests develop and many classes were announced (I'm looking at you Guinecian Duelist) I was starting to casually wonder where the games art direction was going. It seemed a little round, a little cartoon-ish. As the tests have moved on and the graphics have rounded themselves out more, I'd have to say the look and feel of Crowfall is taking form. It is achieving it's own signature feel which can put a game far apart.
Finding your own art style for a game can make a large impact on it's legacy, and most largely successful projects have had their own flavor that set them apart. Like an acquired taste, I was unsure at first but now it is growing on me. Crowfall is turning quite... beautiful, and here's screenshots for proof.




Well... there you have it.


“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”

― Plutarch

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