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What is VIP? Full details of bundle perks

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Hey all, 

New to the forums, only heard of Crowfall for first time a few days ago and fell in love!

I have some questions regarding the Bundles.  

What is VIP access?  

Also, it says the bundles allow access to post on these forums.  However, I am currently starting a new thread now w/o paying for a bundle.  But I noticed I can't post in other forums, not even replies.  Are the Welcome to Crowfall forums open for anyone?

Thanks for any info and input!  Looking forward to playing this game and becoming more involved in the community!  

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VIP is the optional monthly sub status.  It will come with perks though of course but you can play the game without it. 

Also anyone can post on this specific forum but many other forums require you to have contributed $5 or more towards some sort of bundle/package to have access to post on them.

Skeggold, Skalmold, Skildir ro Klofnir

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this sub forum is open to free non backer accounts to post in to ask questions for 30 days after their accounts are created

for details on pricing and VIP see the FAQ


not all the benefits of VIP have been finalised

e.g. recently talked about news regarding passive skill training queuing etc

see also my 'what is crowfall' summary as well a list of links http://bit.do/cftest

if you need to ask questions after your access to this forum expires you can ask them via:


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