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Capture the Srathor Event - Templar POV


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Orleans's capture the flag event ended up turning into a capture the Srathor event. Both enemy teams had to find and then "tag" Srathor (by either bringing him to half health then invite him to your team, or by killing his designated bodyguard then invite him to your team); afterwards you had to escort him to your keep (each team had a different keep assigned to them) as he RP-walked his way to safety.  

It was great fun, thanks everyone who participated: Sugoi, UDL, Orleans, Ekso, Sl33perkeeper and I might be forgetting someone ... here's my templar POV from just a couple of the matches we played (video would be too long if I showed everything):


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That really was fun. The different tactics used trying to get something moved to a location and not killed was a blast to watch. 
Good video by the way!

I was having a blast just frustrating the poorly made socks out of my "Leader" with the RP walking as people were closing in. :)

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