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Epic Battle: Tark vs Srathor


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20 minutes ago, srathor said:

3 v  there at the end of the fight. 

About the speed for Tark. 

Saved you for last so I could savor the taste. 

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1 hour ago, srathor said:

Of course I am fighting on my crafting/gathering character. Tark had to log into one of his clones, any advantage for that boy. 

Not my fault you chose to gimp your team.But gf anyway.

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6 hours ago, Yoink said:

i was not expecting a pvp video. For sure thought it was going to be some sort of harvesting or crafting face off.

Most of us harvester/crafter(s) PvP, just usually on the losing end of things.  The mythical unexpected video would include those who spend their lives on the forums telling everyone how good they are.  

How else do you sell snipe hunting adventures?


note:  Tark beat me down this weekend, can't say I am proud but I can say it happened.

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