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Gamescom Crowfall Party: 24th of August in Cologne

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We are organizing another Crowfall party during the Gamescom in Cologne (Germany), and it’s time for invites! I have already contact several guilds & very involved community members, but we still have space for interested people. This is a great chance to meet & talk with other community members, and meet people from Travian and ACE.

Right now I have 10 additional free tickets for our party in Cologne.

Crowfall Party Details

  •  Location: Meltdown Esports Bar, Cologne
  • Age: 18+
  • Day & Time: 24.08.2017, 20:00 – 24:00
  • Open Bar & Catering
  • Travian & ACE staff will be there.

Let us know in comment if you want to be there. It will work on first come first serve basis, so you should be fast. You have time until the 17th of July.


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Sign me up! I will take the 2.5 hour drive! 

edit: Don't wait too long to let me know if I made it on the list.. I have to arrange a hotel next ;)

Edited by Daddie
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Just now, Ceollach said:

I will add you to the guest list Daddie

Woop woop.. one little question.. can I bring my wife? Or will that be difficult?

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D= so sad that I can't attend Gamescom nor the party this year...

Wish you all the most fun

You get the wolves...lots of wolves...and sheep that wear armor and have developed an appetite for blood soaked grass - dubanka

Even insects smell good when roasted - a random confessor

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