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Hello friends,

is there any chart aviable were I can look up the different values between the the advanced rune tools? For exampl penetration between copper tool and gold tool..

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Those kind? Not yet, some people are creating databases so we should have those soon. If you want to know stuff such as which combination grants what stat so you can check the spreadsheets around. I think sigils is what you are looking for but some specialty seals combinations can also work.

Best spreadsheet IMO:




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If there is a difference between copper and gold materials used in the making of the rune tools, then I would be surprised.  ACE made a change and told us that there is no difference between types of ores in crafting, only the benefits.  So my understanding is copper will destroy a node just as fast as gold will.  Now there are bonuses when types of ores are combined/used, and that does make a difference.

FYI, 2 gold ore, 2 silver ore is the best combo for a rune tool.  This combo gives a bonus to critical chance.

The two biggest things for getting through a node are skills, and quality of tool (with high tool value, like mining).


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Few numbers for you.

White tools cap out at +33.ish Power
Greens +45.ish
Blues +69.ish
Purples +94.ish
(Not Made an Orange)

These are the highest capped numbers with all pips amazing on a single roll / Double/half split rolls. 

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