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Getting in touch

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58 minutes ago, VIKINGNAIL said:

I believe you need to contribute at least $5 to the game to be able to post on the other forums and maybe pm people.

You can't anymore since that option was only in kickstarter and it's done now. Cheapest on site is 50 euro now, there's the horse graphic for 10 euro, but it doesn't state in description that it gives access to forums. 


I can't link but there's "crowfall reddit" (it's an unofficial forums type, google it to find), on that front page of it, look on the right tabs you will see "crowfall discord" (live chat).

You can also look for the crowfall discord link by pressing ctrl + f on the crowfall reddit front page, and typing in the search "crowfall discord". (it's a keyboard shortcut that's generally really useful but most people don't know of)

And if you'd like, we can talk here, xD, and with whoever comes in and joins convo.

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On 13.7.2017 at 10:28 AM, Schlachsahne said:

hey there i recently heard of the game and it seems very fun. What is the best way to get in touch with the community?

Depends on the community you want to connect with. If you didnt pledge yet (so you wont have access to the ingame chat) and forums are to slow for you, you might want to visit one of the discord or teamspeak channels. German community adresses can be found in the german subforum. Same for the french. Other languages are supported in the non-enghlish section of the forum. And there is an international crowfall discord channel with a lot of members.

Have fun, good luck


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