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47 minutes ago, Vectious said:

Well only every 3 days they have to worry about that 3 times in 9 hours sprint. And it doesnt HAVE to be in the middle of the night, ideally you would do it in the day and since its a 72 hour repeat cycle, you would have it timed perfectly as to not be a sleeping burden. 


And i dont see how a person would think they are not getting a Buy2Play model when the only key difference is committing to logging on a few extra times, which honestly, at release people wont be logging off very often. So i doubt it will even be a issue. And again, you can always spend time to earn this feature via the game. 

Dont get me wrong, they need to revamp the scaling between pips by alot, but 5 times in 3 days isint bad, just need to break up the first 9 hours a bit.  

Only if your filling each skill to 100% before moving on.

One of the big things about the skill pass was promotion of the idea that we would be able to move on after 3 pips in most cases to the next skill, so we could flesh out to 60% of capability on many skills before having to commit to taking specific skills to 100% or backfilling. This was supposed to help us feel like the training times were not as onerous as the must fill to 100% was.

Basically with the change, that functionality only really becomes useful to VIP's, the exact people who needed it the least.

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