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Curious about other people's download speeds for patching

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I'm downloading patch 5.1.1. right now and my download speeds are crazy. It says I have 6 downloads. The first was downloading at about 2.5 to 3 mB/s and was taking extremely long to download. Now the second is moving along at a whopping 355 kB/s (yes this is sarcasm). its taking about 20 minutes to download a 500 MB patch. I'm used to seeing speeds around 10 mB/s on steam and even better on Origin and battle.net. My phone usually downloads 500 MB in about 3 minutes. 

So while I'm waiting for the download I figured I would ask other people what kind of speeds they are getting when downloading the patches? it will give as all something to compare to.

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I just wanted to add that I significantly sped up my download speeds on the second download by pausing the download for about 10 seconds and then resuming it. It went from the 355 kB/s download back to the 3 mB/s speed which changed the second download to a couple of minutes instead of the 20 minutes it originally was going to take. So if you are experiencing an unusually slow download try pausing and then resuming the download.

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