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I can ony speak about the first layaway options two years ago - so their might be changes. I wasn't aware they are still there. Anyways, here is the layaway FAQ.

Usually you will only get the bundle included access, when your layaway has been fully paid of. Point is that you are able to stop your layaway at any time. So if you would get immediate access, you would get access you didnt pay for anf maybe never will pay for.

On the other hand, test access is NOT mainly based on the bundles. It is foremost based on the sum total you already did spend for crowfall on your account. So if you paid at least 69$ for your layaway, this should equal the right to access the playtest as a beta-1 backer. These accesses are checked up to twice a week automatically.

In any case, if in doubt, please contact support@crowfall.com and they well help you to get what is right.

Have fun, good luck.




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Yes. Best is to ask the devs directly. A lot of things can change over the time from 2 years ago. And sometimes it take some time to manage your acess rights to play the game.

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