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Harvesting with Laborer, Potions and Decent Tools

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As part of a set of videos I'm working on for new players showing the benefits of basic versus advanced items, here is a 30-minute sample of harvesting (something no-one said ever when talking about something interesting) using the Laborer Discipline and related Passive, the 3 standard Pre-Alpha potions as well as the more advanced Plentiful Harvest Alchemy potion, and non-basic tools of varying +Mining and Critical values.

Something unusual occurred which is either RNG, or suggestive of some mechanic influencing drop rates for higher quality materials. For most of the 30 minutes I was harvesting gold nodes in a particular parcel, one which I normally do not use on this map. Rank 5 Gold nodes, a good number of them over a fairly long period of time, while potted etc, did not produce a single Purple drop. This is very unusual and normally even in a single 12 minute sequence I will get multiple. At the end of the Plentiful Harvest buff I moved to a different parcel and hit another Rank 5 node, silver in this case. There I got purple on the 2nd node.

Possibly of no meaning, but I got additional purple drops in that parcel, which is what I normally see, compared to none for all those nodes in the other parcel. There is Parcel Rank and Node Rank and many months ago these were changed to be the same for every parcel and it's nodes, but I wonder if there is some hidden variable that would result in this effect. The two parcels in question now both currently only have R5 nodes, but at one time the 2nd parcel did have higher Rank nodes.

In any case, probably just bad luck/RNG, but I will repeat the test and see what happens. If the results are the same, I would highly doubt it is random.

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