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Crafting Tools & Weapons - Basic VS Advanced

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For newer players, sometimes the benefits of using Advanced weapons versus Basic ones, and the return on the needed investment of time, is not so clear. Here are 2 videos - for Tools and for Weapons - which give an idea of the differences between the two in terms of their required resources and the results.

When it comes to Harvesting using Advanced Tools, one can further improve the results by using Pre-Alpha Harvesting Potions, the Alchemy Plentiful Harvest Potion and the Basic Crafting Discipline, Laborer, and it's various harvesting type-specific Passives. See an example of this in action here.

The choice of spending amount of time it takes to collect the necessary materials and then to craft a basic tool or weapon, and the amount it takes to do the same for an advanced one, can be an easy decision or a hard one, depending on the context. At a random stage in an unwiped Pre-Alpha test, it is an easy decision. At the beginning of a Campaign World run, with an empty Spirit Bank and few if any items imported, with the race on for scouting the map and claiming Fortifications and controlling Mines, Quarries and Lumber Mills, the extra 10, 20 or 30 minutes it takes for Advanced is a more difficult decision. Get into the field more quickly, or be more effective once you get there? Hopefully these comparisons will help provide some framework for making these decisions to newer players, as the time for Campaigns grows closer...

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