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02/05/15 - Day 4 - Assassin Vs Gryphon

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02/04/15 - Day 4 - Assassin Vs Gryphon



Happy Thursday!


This morning's update to HUNGER WEEK is a new archetype page: The Fae Assassin!


You'll find a few tidbits buried in this one:


- Details about the Assassin herself, including a concept image and sample character narrative that gives a bit of info about the culture of the Fae and life on the Riverland Worlds.


- A screenshot that not only shows the Assassin, but gives an in-game look at the "Fall" version of the Gryphon -- which you can compare against the gryphon concept lineup that we dropped back at the beginning of the week.




- Another of the "Banner Series" of concepts; which one is called "Zombieville" and was done as a sort of companion piece to the Zombiewood image we dropped yesterday.


For those of you with eagle eyes (the RL version, not the Crowfall Advantage Rune) might also have noticed that the Assassin has actually been seen before; she made an appearance in another Banner Series image at the top of the "Team" page on the website.  


That's it for today!  More hunger goodness tomorrow, as Hunger Week comes to an satisfying-yet-inevitable end.




J Todd Coleman

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.

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Typical woman.
Complains about men but there she is, side by side with a man (looks like a Champion), in an alley way or a dark street.  I can't see her left hand.. Can you!?  



By the way, this killing of their males once they're done with them is akin to a Black Widow spider.

I guess she links up to it on the tree afterall?  The Malakai crest.   Just another coincidence?  :D

Edited by KoKane

It's called Crowfall because calling it "The Hunger Game of Thrones" would have raised too many issues.

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