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Will EKs be wiped again?

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Couldn't find an answer or I suck at search but I was wondering if EKs would be wiped again going forward.  When will they go live with EKs where they will not reset them?  

I just recently loaded up my test stuff and played around in the EK.  I didn't find the the placing of buildings and structures to be working for me.  I wasn't able to move as the controls say you can move things and my camera angle was so low it was impossible to put things where I wanted them or snap them together.  I gave up when it just wasn't working right and it became tedious to attempt over and over..


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Every time we modify the contents of the strongholds, we'll need to wipe the EK's  That will be happening with the next test, and is expected to happen a few more times this summer and fall.  All your purchases get reset when we wipe the EK's so you can re-import them after the reset.

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