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This is the best MOBA I've played in a while.  It's a twist on the typical mechanics, but shares similarities still.  It's still 5 v 5, pushing to control points, and to kill the enemies "boss/titan/etc.", but the differences really add a lot to the tactics/strategy imo.

You take control of points, and they generate a resource.  When you hit 100, your "boss" attacks the enemy "boss" and pins it down.  While it's pinned down, you have a limited window to deal enough damage to the helpless enemy "boss."  If you do so 3 times, you win.  If you die while attacking the enemy boss, it gives it a temporary shield to absorb incoming damage.  At each control point, you "summon" a variety of structures, each with its own tactical function: see invis, creating a defensive wall to block off an avenue of attack, aoe heals, aoe stealth, etc...

The best part is the combat mechanics.  It's very fast paced, and everything is action/twitch.  Shooters = third person shooter controls.  Fighters and Assassins feel like fighting game character controls (imo these are the highest skill ceiling characters in the game).  And then of course there are Mages, Tanks, and Utility type characters that feel more like an action MMO, control-wise.

It's $30 to unlock all heroes, and every hero ever released in the future.  IMO if you like the game, this is definitely worth it.  Each hero can be unlocked with in-game currency, but it takes a long time to save up (pretty grindy if you're relying on these points to unlock things).  On the plus side, 90% of the skins can be unlocked with the in-game currency (not just for cash currency), but again, it's a long grind.  Considering most other MOBAs do not even allow you to unlock skins for in-game currency at all, I guess it is not so bad.

I'd definitely recommend trying this game out for free to see if you enjoy it.  If you like games like Battlerite, Smite, Overwatch, or Paladins, you might like this as well.  In my opinion, it's better than all of these games I mentioned.

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16 hours ago, mourne said:


I agree. I'm usually not a fan of MOBAs because I dislike the early game minion grinding, but Gigantic just skips all that while still keeping the tactical elements. It's a great game. F2P is completely viable, or you can just pay 30 and unlock everything. 



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