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After loading screen, only sky/clouds visable

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Hi guys,

i am trying to play the game, but after the loading screen (after selecting a world), i am only seeing the sky & clouds. Game is not freezed.

After sending my logs to the supported, the support suggested to, because the logs seemed that the socket connection could not be created:

- copy the game to C:\Program Files (x86\
- run as admin
- disable firewall
- open port 6900-6970

I did open the port range (TCP) on my router, but i am on IPv6 so probably that could be an issue here, because when i am using a "open port checker" tool, it still says that the port is closed. 

I did all the steps mentioned above, but i can't get in game.

Anyone got this problem yet? I am from germany.


More information here (initial problem): 


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It looks like its an issue with admin privileges. Something is blocking crowfall. I am using Win10 with the newest upgrade, launching the patcher as admin and running it from c:/program files (x86/crowfal

Any experience here?

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