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Hey guys, 

My twitch channel name is Pace22.  I was the longtime #1 streamer for both Archeage and for some time Black Desert online.  My group and I focused on tactical pvp shot-calling and have a lot of fun doing it.  Lots of laughs and trash talking to be had.  I am turning my efforts to streaming Crowfall, as I have seen enough to know that this game is the one that MMO PVP players have been waiting for.  I encourage you to stop by as I test the crafting and campaign world systems.  Thanks for reading and hope to see you in chat




Former #1 Archeage/Black Desert Online PvP Streamer


Currently "Variety Streaming" until Crowfall releases

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Godd stuff. Nice seeing some new faces streaming Crowfall. I've been enjoying a lot of the new streamers recently despite there not being much of a game loop to stream yet. 

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