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[DV]-Deo Volente


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Deo Volente is coming to Crowfall and looking for new members and guilds to build alliances with!


DV was founded 10 years ago in 2007 on a browser MMORPG called Sherwood Dungeon, where it was consistently a top 3 clan from 2008-2014 before the death of the games clan scene, after leaving Sherwood DV had successful branches set up on other MMORPG's like Lord Of The Rings Online, WoW and The Elder Scrolls Online.


We are currently a small guild and are looking for players that are motivated to help the guild grow and move into possible officer positions. Our goal in game is to become a large PvP focused guild as we were in our prime on Sherwood Dungeon. 


DV will have a guild EK for everyone who joins, your place in the EK will increase based on your position in the guild.


-Benefits to joining DV:

-Discord Server

-Guild Events

-Guild EK

-Experienced leadership


If you're interested in joining head on over to our discord and we can get you set up. https://discord.gg/huhq6xB 

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