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Guild Highlight Series


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Guild Spotlight

Guilds are an important part to Crowfall and are a core part of any MMO community. They build a sense of belonging in which many players rally around. Each one having it's own identity and unique feel. Some are highly structured with a massive membership that can swell into the hundreds while others are looking to focus on a specific niche and just want to be the best at it. Guilds can also be just some friends that want to have a good time in a game they love. MMO guilds have produced some lasting friendships as well as heightening the gaming experience.

In Crowfall Guilds will be much more than just social groups they will form the heart of the game. To survive the coming Hunger...you will need allies.

Each week Crowfall Discord will highlight a guild video...or until we run out of them!

To kick off out first Guild Highlight is a well know one around Crowfall, Caldera. This is what they have to say about themselves:


“Caldera, a European guild, aims to be a dominant force in Campaigns, while building a vibrant Eternal Kingdom: a social and economic powerhouse.”

Caldera Promo Video


For more info please check out the Guild Data Base.


If you would like your guild featured:

  • Please PM Keaggan a link to your Guild Promo Video. Each video must be 20-60 long.
  • Write three sentences that best describe your guild.






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Guild Spotlight

Our next guild has been very active during the tests and are one of the oldest on the Crowfall Forums. They are Sugoi! This is what they have to say about themselves:

“Sugoi is a group of highly skilled and organized players whom aim to dominate the campaign worlds. We're recruiting active and skilled players who share a similar with us.”

Sugoi Promo Video


For more info please check out the Guild Data Base found in the Crowfall Guild Data Base.





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