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Greybox Castle online in 5.2 test environment


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Since it hasn't been mentioned at this place: The Castle (yes, castle - not keep greathall) is now online in the current 5.2.x build and available for testing for all who have access to the new client. If you dont have one yourself (pledge reward: small castle, or higher), you may visit my kingdom (Ravenheart) which includes the castles main building next to the temple and a small village.

Here are some first pictures - the thing is freaking huge (can you find the little druid standing in front of the castle?). ;)






Be careful, there is a bug that will probably kill you, once you reach the first floor. I applied some wall parts that will enable a skilled druid to jump onto roof level - but if you jump on the castle roof, you will die after a few seconds. So enter at your own risk (pvp has been deactivated in Ravenheart for this weekend, though)

Have fun, good luck



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