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What I do with the stuff i loot


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When I see stuff like this I just think, "Did this person play hardcore PvP games before?  Do they feel empowered by making a video of them deleting loot in a pre-alpha test?"

Then I think, "I remember when sugoi tried to come off as a nice-guy classy guild".

Skeggold, Skalmold, Skildir ro Klofnir

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2 hours ago, izkimar said:

This is why we need salvaging.

is Sir George the second coming of WilliamTell?

Eventually there will be systems that involve burning stuff for benefits.  Plus come real CWs I doubt I'll be the only one throwing gear to the void.  I mean If banking was a easy to do thing then it would be fine. But in some CWs there won't really be banking outside of imports / exports. So some people might stumble upon and kill a resource pig, (hamster running supply to teammates) and if its not possible to bring it back home, would very likely just burn it. Better nobody has it then enemies have it kind of thing. 

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